Angkor Temples

Visiting Angkor Wat and the many other temples in the area is an unforgettable and breathtaking experience. The ancient architecture and massive structures reflects power of the Khmer Empire which stretched from Cambodia into surrounding countries like Vietnam, Thailand and Laos. 

When you walk through the temples, touch the stones, climb over fallen walls and see how the jungle is taking over you get a real feeling for the mystery. You can imagine what life must have been like when thousands of Khmer people worked, lived and worshiped in these temples.



Siem Reap Town 

The hustle and bustle of old Siem Reap town is a delight to experience. Siem Reap is vibrant with a great mix of restaurants, from cheap to 5 star, many different shops with local goods and beautiful souvenirs and clothing stores with a wide range of designer clothes.

 The town is developing fast and these days you can find all facilities you need. Transport is easy in TukTuks, Motodops or cars and you can rent a bicycle to get around too. There are a number of international banks with ATM’s, good medical facilities and supermarkets with a wide range of goods.

People in Cambodia speak Khmer, but in town a lot of people speak English as well as many Asian languages.